CI Studies Bibliography

The Critical Infrastructure Studies Bibliography is selected to represent branches and approaches of the emerging field of critical studies of infrastructure. It is an instrument to help gauge the scope, and define the shape, of the field. Included resources bear in some way on the thought, theory, philosophy, methods, politics, policy, strategy, principles, critique, art, ethics, and other contexts of infrastructure studies. Some works are paradigmatic of approaches; others synthetic, critical, theoretical, or literary and artiistic. (For the principles of the structure and scope of the bibliography, see “Critical Infrastructure Bibliography Taxonomy.”) This bibliography is being developed in a Zotero group library fed into the site through the Zotpress plug-in.)
By tags: Affordance/Constraint theory | Architecture | Art and aesthetics | Borders |City and urban studies | Cloud | Cyberinfrastructure for research | DevelopmentDigital humanities | Disability studiesDisasterEnergyEnvironmentEthnographical approaches | Events | Feminist | FictionInformational | Institutional | Internet | Labor & workLandscape | Large technical systems | Library and archive | LogisticsMedia infrastructures | Military |  Minimal computing | Mining & extractionMission critical | Object & thing studiesOrganizationalPhotography | Physical infrastructures | Platform studies | PoetryRaceRepair & care movement | Reports & white papers | Scientific research infrastructure | SecuritySmall technical systems | STS (science technology studies) | TelecommunicationsTransportation | Waste and garbage | Water

CI Bibliography (Alphabetical)