Additional Materials for “Romanticism and Critical Infrastructure Studies” Seminar at NASSR 2018

Go to the home page of the “Romanticism and Critical Infrastructure Studies” Seminar at NASSR 2018 led by Alan Liu and Jacques Khalip for the main materials for the event: a Starter Kit of readings and a Romantic Infrastructure Gallery.

The following is an assortment, or perhaps “junkspace,” of other materials that the seminar co-leaders are accumulating. These additional materials may serve as props or helps for discussion in the seminar. (Some materials are paywalled.)

Also included below is a Zotero bibliography for the Romantic Critical Infrastructure Studies seminar.

Assortment of Additional Materials

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Bibliography for Romantic Critical Infrastructure Studies (Alphabetical)

This is a Zotero group library that may also be viewed publicly through the Zotero online interface here. (See also the full Critical Infrastructure Studies Bibliography on the site.)
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